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Welcome to my little music blog! Here I write about personal music experiences; share with me good songs and thoughts about beautiful sounds and instruments. As long as I can remember, sound, and above all music, has been a great source of inspiration and it's with the help of music as I come into contact with my feelings. I sometimes wonder if it is the same for everyone. My relationship with music is constantly evolving and recently I took the step of playing an own instrument - piano. Sung I have done all my life, but I have missed being able to accompany my own song. I listen to all kinds of music as long as it wakes up in me. For example, this blog's previous owner seems to have a very amazing expression in the voice.



Earlier this was the Icelandic singer Emiliana Torrinis website, now you can find here here.

On the borders

23 Aug 2019

WHen I write and compose I have this feeling of being on the borders between dream and reality; floating somewhere between sainty an insanity. It is just as wonderful as it is terrifying but it is also an addiction as well as something I sometimes think I might have been a happier person without all this creative pressure. 

I suppose it is the same for all creative souls out there and even if it's a crazy rollercoaster, in the end something beautiful comes out of it. At least that's what we hope!


Excessive Sweating – Not Much Fun For Anyone

10 Apr 2019

It doesn´t matter if you play the piano, or you work in an office. Sweating is no fun at all. Normal sweating can be acceptable, but when your armpits starts looking like a drain during rain it´s very easy to get depressed. I have been diagnosed with something called hyperhidrosis which in layman terms means excessive sweating, and I promise; it´s nothing funny about it at all. I tried covering it for many years but wearing pantiliners inside the shirt, or stuffing your clothes with tissues only help to a certain point. After a while the sweat will break through even the toughest barrier. But, believe it or not, my armpits is not the worst. My hyperhidrosis is also on my hands, which is way worse. There is no way to hide it and the hands are wet most of the time. Quite disgusting in my opinion.

There are treatments

Luckily there are treatments for this affliction and the one I have tried is called iontophoresis. It´s like a small bath where you put your hands in. An electric current is flowing through the water and into your hands thus reducing the sweating. I am not exactly sure how this works, and to be honest – I don´t care as long as it works! I have done 2 treatments now, and will go back for more, but I can already see improvement. So, if you have sweaty hands you should try iontophoresis as well.


New stuff from Bjork

23 Feb 2019

Bjork was one of my greatest inspirations whilst growing up. Talk about creativity! She is a musician who manages to create magic over and over again, and this time is no exception. I am convinced Bjork is one of those artists who will keep on creating until she dies. Music is like oxygen to her...


Winter wonderland

20 Nov 2018

I love this time of year, when we are entitled to spend all day long inside without questions. I read books and play music when I have some freetime and I am really looking forward to the first snow. There is not always snow where I live, it happens maybe every other year and it is rarely particularly impressive. But I love snow, so I make sure to go for trips to snowy, winter wonderlands. I have already booked a nice cottage at a beautiful ski resort for that horrible period right after New Years when depression usually hit hard. Going away is a great way to escape that.

Won't be missing anything

The cottage I have booked has a common area with a bar, a huge fireplace and - a piano! I won't be missing anything. I am already looking forward to this trip so, so much and spend a lot of time on freeride.com as I will also be skiing this time. I was never a fan of the snow for the sport activities, but last year I tried skiing for the first time and I really enjoyed it. There is no place else where nature is so quiet and peaceful than in a calm winter landscape.

So I am checking things like: how long should my skis be and what kind of gear is better for a complete beginner. Freeride is a great site for getting answers to such questions.

The Piano

10 Sep 2018

One of my first great piano experiences - as an instrument - was when I watched The Piano with my mother at the age of just six. I was absolutely mesmerized! I was probably way too young for such a bold picture, but it made a mark on me that probably helped lead me onto the path of music. I suppose I didn't understand much of the movie then, but I have watched it again and again ever since and it has a very special place in my heart. The music is out of this world.


I forgot the snus at home

7 Jun 2018

There are small problems, and there are big problems. Once when I went to Canada to watch a concert, I discovered to my dismay that I had forgotten to pack extra snus into the bag. All I had was the package I had in my pocket and it would not last very long. I rate that as a pretty big problem and I'm sure every snus-user knows exactly what I'm talking about. Now I was facing a dilemma. How on earth would I find snus in Canada? It does not belong to their usual range so to speak. I found chewing tobacco of different kinds, and also cigarettes but no snus.

I was prepared to go home

Completely despaired, I started searching the internet and searched for snus canada to see if there was anything. One last straw of hope so to speak and suddenly I found it! Absolutely incredible. There is a page where you can order Swedish snus when you are in Canada! And cheap too! I placed an order immediately and after two days a package arrived to the place where I lived. Just before the music festivities were to start too. Now I had enough snus to cope and could throw the chewing tobacco I bought at the store. When I stuffed it under my lip, it felt almost religious and it was a pure pleasure!

A nice case for the phone

22 Nov 2017

The main use I have for my mobile phone is for listening to music. I don't bother too much with social media, find it a bit boring, and I don't play games or chat either. I always carry my phone with me though because it keeps me close to music at all times. As of today I have never protected my phone with a case or those protective sheets I see some people using, and I have never had a phone break och get damaged. I do believe I have been extremely lucky and I guess I really should invest in a nice case. There are so many nice ones to choose between though!

How do I choose?

I have looked at phone cases for my model online and there are many nice ones. My problem now is picking just one. I want to buy a mobile case that protects my phone but at the same time makes it look more unique, and more me. I have found many nice ones in a shop called Bjornberry .

I am also thinking about maybe buying one that does a double job and works as both wallet and phone case. But after some evaluation I don't think I need that. I always carry a handbag with me anyway and I don't think a wallet/phone case is very attractive after som use.

I often do this, over analyze  even the simplest buys. It's not that they cost a fortune or anything and if I'm not happy with my first buy I could always just buy another one... I'm sure they can even be returned if you're not happy with them, right?

Köpa ett mobilskal.