I forgot the snus at home

There are small problems, and there are big problems. Once when I went to Canada to watch a concert, I discovered to my dismay that I had forgotten to pack extra snus into the bag. All I had was the package I had in my pocket and it would not last very long. I rate that as a pretty big problem and I'm sure every snus-user knows exactly what I'm talking about. Now I was facing a dilemma. How on earth would I find snus in Canada? It does not belong to their usual range so to speak. I found chewing tobacco of different kinds, and also cigarettes but no snus.

I was prepared to go home

Completely despaired, I started searching the internet and searched for snus canada to see if there was anything. One last straw of hope so to speak and suddenly I found it! Absolutely incredible. There is a page where you can order Swedish snus when you are in Canada! And cheap too! I placed an order immediately and after two days a package arrived to the place where I lived. Just before the music festivities were to start too. Now I had enough snus to cope and could throw the chewing tobacco I bought at the store. When I stuffed it under my lip, it felt almost religious and it was a pure pleasure!

7 Jun 2018