Winter wonderland

I love this time of year, when we are entitled to spend all day long inside without questions. I read books and play music when I have some freetime and I am really looking forward to the first snow. There is not always snow where I live, it happens maybe every other year and it is rarely particularly impressive. But I love snow, so I make sure to go for trips to snowy, winter wonderlands. I have already booked a nice cottage at a beautiful ski resort for that horrible period right after New Years when depression usually hit hard. Going away is a great way to escape that.

Won't be missing anything

The cottage I have booked has a common area with a bar, a huge fireplace and - a piano! I won't be missing anything. I am already looking forward to this trip so, so much and spend a lot of time on as I will also be skiing this time. I was never a fan of the snow for the sport activities, but last year I tried skiing for the first time and I really enjoyed it. There is no place else where nature is so quiet and peaceful than in a calm winter landscape.

So I am checking things like: how long should my skis be and what kind of gear is better for a complete beginner. Freeride is a great site for getting answers to such questions.

20 Nov 2018